investment in the Metaverse

[INFOGRAPHIC] Who is investing more in the Metaverse?

Investment in the Metaverse and the sectors most affected In the first months of 2022, $120 billion was invested in the ‘wide field’ of the Metaverse (more than twice as much as in 2021).  Investors in the Metaverse fall into … Read More

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ar holidays

The best AR Apps for your Holidays

It’s finally that time of the year where you pull out your dusty suitcase, put on your favorite sunglasses and leave the city to go towards exotic beaches, steep mountains and unexplored places. On the other hand, we know that … Read More

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Avatar in the Meta

How to enter the Metaverse with your custom Avatar

Ever since Facebook became Meta, there has been a lot of talk about terms such as: Metaverse, Virtual Reality, Visors, Avatars. This article will discuss Avatars, when they were created, what they are and their function in the Metaverse.  Avatars … Read More

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ar medicine

Augmented Reality in Medicine: new frontiers of Healthcare

“When using augmented reality in the operating room, it’s like having a GPS navigator in front of your eyes in a natural way so you don’t have to look at a separate screen to see your patient’s CT scan”, said … Read More

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AR&VR in E-commerce

E-commerce 3.0: between AR & VR and avatars

With AR & VR in E-commerce we have officially entered the phase of E-commerce 3.0: brands have changed the way they propose and sell their products and services, on the other hand the purchasing process by users has completely evolved. … Read More

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AR business cards

Create your AR Business Card: dare to be different!

If you want to stand out at introducing your brand, the first necessary aspect that you need to consider is delivering a business card that differs from all the others, in order to be remembered and to awaken more interest. … Read More

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Digital twins and AR

Create Digital Twins with Lidar for AR 

Lidar technology: what is it? How does it work? The word ‘Lidar’ is made up of: Light and Radar. Lidar (Light Detection And Ranging) identifies the technology that measures the distance to an object by illuminating it with laser light … Read More

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WebAR r-evolution

WebAR: the benefits of AR without using an app

If you are among those who’s asking how far WebAR has come in the development of experiences, like we are, and want to know more about its r-evolution, then you’ve landed in the right place (plus, we have a demo … Read More

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Augmented reality in games

What is the impact of Augmented Reality on the games industry?

Augmented Reality has brought a revolution to the world, especially to the games industry. The video game sector is the main consumer branch for AR technology, as they are now within everyone’s reach, without the need to buy expensive headsets, … Read More

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Augmented Reality with a smartphone

How to use Augmented Reality with a smartphone?

Since the 1960s, Augmented Reality has evolved to become an increasingly present technology in both private and commercial life. Millions of people want to use AR with their smartphones, thus enriching the immersive experience, seeing what they could not see … Read More

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VR fitness

How to improve your lifestyle with AR

You dont have any more excuses to be lazy nowadays, by starting to improve your lifestyle using Augmented Reality. New technologies have always been seen as enemies of the healthy lifestyle, since theyve always been perceived as something static, impossibile … Read More

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Learn how AR & VR are disrupting the music industry

The music industry has developed a growing interest in Augmented and Virtual Reality with the aim of improving the audiences engagement. Today’s listeners feel a particular need to integrate music with multimedia devices that increase the quality, efficiency and immersion … Read More

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may ar be with you

Celebrate May 4th with the best AR/VR Star Wars experiences

May AR be with you: Yes, we have decided to celebrate Star Wars day with the best AR/VR immersive experiences. We know, this may not be the original quote from the legendary, stellar movie Star Wars, but this gets straight … Read More

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boosting tourism with digital heritage

Boosting tourism with Digital Heritage

Pre-Pandemic values for the Travel & Tourism Industry, according to the WTTC, accounted for over 10% of the global GDP, meaning its still one of the most attractive activities for people worldwide, who are constantly looking for innovative and engaging … Read More

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AR & VR revolutionise the beauty industry

Technology is now an integral part of our lives, augmented reality and virtual reality experiences are becoming increasingly popular in the beauty industry as well, permanently changing the online shopping landscape for the beauty sector. The aim is to personalize … Read More

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Comparing metaverse platforms

Comparing the most popular Metaverse Platforms

The doors of the Metaverse are accessible to anyone interested, through the various platforms that have contributed to its advent. If, in fact, the idea of a virtual reality is often linked to a fantasy video game or to never-before-seen … Read More

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virtual production Sony Madison

What is Virtual Production?

The use of Virtual Production sets a revolution in the field of content production. As we all know, the pandemic marked the end and the beginning of a new era. Together with numerous problems and insecurities, it brought significant technological … Read More

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How AR artists can bring art to a new level

Using AR, artists can bring art to a new level. We all know that every time a new technology or a new tool takes life in our world, the artists are among the first ones to try it, experiment it … Read More

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Marketing and Metaverse

Marketing and Metaverse: a chance for brands?

The most searched word of the moment? “Metaverse”: with 677,000 results on Google, the hashtag #Metaverse is used extensively on Instagram, with over 60,000 posts and tweeted more than 500 times per hour. By now it seems clear that the … Read More

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fashion and the future

How the fashion world is moving into the Metaverse

The concept of Metaverse, especially in the fashion world, became particularly popular during the Pandemic, when people could not go out and shop. But what is the Metaverse? “A three-dimensional space within which individuals can move, share and interact through … Read More

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