Excellence in Augmented Reality

Excellence in Augmented Reality

Inglobe Technologies can support you with a variety of Augmented and Virtual Reality tools and solutions towards the achievement of your project goals

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Pioneers in the Augmented Reality market

Inglobe Technologies is a leading company specializing in the development of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions. Established in 2008 with the aim of creating a platform that enables the deployment of different solutions to different industries, Inglobe is now one of the most trusted and innovative Augmented Reality providers worldwide.

Our solutions help CreatorsDevelopers and Enterprises worldwide easily create compelling AR and VR apps and experiences.


Our Technologies

Inglobe Technologies can leverage on both its proprietary assets and open source technologies in order to develop and deliver the most effective Computer Vision solutions.

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Augmented Reality

Visualize your content anywere around you in order to enrich the user experience with the help of 3D models, videos and more

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Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself in a completely artificial world and live an engaging environment for your training and entertainment needs

Mixed Reality

Get involved in complex immersive experiences including both AR and VR in order to maximize your design goals  

brain AI
Artificial Intelligence

Include AI algorithms into your applications and make them smarter by automating selective parts of the process

Machine Learning
Let your Computer Vision solutions be trained and learn over time in order to improve the recognition capabilities 
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Internet of Things

Gather the relevant data from your sources and analyze them contextually through advanced and immersive user interfaces

AR-media app on iPhone
AR-media Plugin Sketchup Exporter Extension 3D model for Augmented Reality

Discover AR-media

Discover our No-Coding AR/VR Platform and start creating your immersive projects in minutes!
AR-media is a web-based Platform with an Android and iOS companion app and a plugin system for the most popular 3D modeling tools

Some of our Clients

Proudly working with some of the best in class international players as well as with medium sized companies and startups. We strive to satisfy the needs of our clients in different verticals and continents.

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