How AR artists can bring art to a new level

Using AR, artists can bring art to a new level. We all know that every time a new technology or a new tool takes life in our world, the artists are among the first ones to try it, experiment it and eventually make it more commercial. The truth is that they can actually be the pioneers of a new way of seeing life, with their vision of combining creativity and technology and sometimes they really do their part in changing things and make the world a little brighter. This is the case of Augmented Reality.

Why use AR in art

According to some of the artists that are using it, Augmented Reality (AR) can bring the art world to a new level. They could have the chance to express themselves in ways they couldn’t believe possible and most of all, every piece of art can become a new different kind of experience. 

An AR artwork can appear more immersive, adding more value to the experience of the public. Art is creating emotions, feelings, deep thoughts on the person who is looking; art is sharing terrifying secrets and revolutions while creating beauty. Augmented Reality can enhance all that, not only for Art Galleries and Museums, but also for Freelance Artists.

AR artists in the art scene

Numerous artists are now involving in their works the AR component as means to create more immersive experiences and generate stronger emotions. Here are the ones who impressed us more. 

The company Adrien M and Claire B

The company Adrien M and Claire B is a french artist company that combines digital and living arts, creating unique performances full of beauty and poetry. Using technological tools to enhance their living art performances, they “transcend the spatial boundaries of stage and the time limits of performance, […] creating an art of movement to set the human body in resonance with graphic and digital arts. The result is a poetic visual language blending imaginary, real and virtual dimensions while bearing unlimited opportunities for artistic exploration.” With ‘Acqua Alta – crossing the mirror’, the company created an immersive AR experience where “ink drawings and white folded paper come together to reveal the virtual life of dancing miniature beings and their dive into the imaginary realms of water”. 

AR artists Acqua Alta - crossing the mirror


Esoulito is a brazilian artist based in Sao Paulo, who combines Augmented Reality with street art and murals, creating a brand new way of making street art. You can have access to all his works on his IG profile or have a look at his website, where it is possible to admire most of his works and collection and eventually buy them. He creates old classic portraits like the Birth of Venus or ancient statues modified in street art. To all that, he adds the AR element, to make them move, live, and send further messages. Our favorite is definitely the AR Monnalisa in street art! 


Another AR and VR artist that is worth mentioning is Sianfan. The peculiarity of Sianfan is her ability to merge the digital world with nature and with her own body, creating beautiful experiences full of poetry and intensity. In her work “Partial Bodies”, she presented a meditation between the natural and the virtual world and their relationship, analyzing the female body and nature in a digital environment. Her work can be described as “undeniably digital, yet innately organic, the entangled bodies present fragmented forms that reflect the uneasy relationship between the natural and the virtual.”

AR artists_Sianfan Partial bodies

Marc o matic

If you love steampunk style and technology, you cannot but love Marc o Matic. He is famous for merging traditional art and technical animation and immersive tech, with a retro steampunk style all in it. Using mobile devices, viewers are able to see the work of art in a much deeper way. When hovering your phone over an artwork, the AR element brings the artwork to life through animation and sound, revealing more detail to the story behind the work. Needless to say, the result is simply amazing! He defines himself a “creative technologist”, indeed, he also creates virtual reality art works and 2D and 3D animations. 

AR artists Marc o metic

Creating art with AR-media

Basically all the artists mentioned above need to use an app in order to make the viewer see the AR element in their works. For instance, to give life to your works, you can use AR-media. With AR-media you can design, implement and share your creations without coding, creating all the immersive experiences you want and taking art to a new level

It doesn’t matter if you, as an AR Artist, want to create immersive content associated to a painting or a graffiti, or if you want to visualize a 3D model in the environment. AR-media lets you create both Planar and Spatial Augmented Reality experiences.

Using Augmented Reality in the art field can be a new and innovative way to take art to a new level. AR artists can enhance and grow their already existing artworks, but also experiment to create brand new ones, allowing them to express themselves in ways they couldn’t imagine being possible. They now have the potential to unlock new forms of storytelling and self-expression, bringing the viewers to live deeper experiences and thus enhance feelings in the spectators. What are you waiting for?

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