Augmented Reality in Marketing


Augmented Reality solutions can help companies and Marketing professionals improve the way they deliver creative and multimedia projects by making the entire process more engaging. Contents can be brought to life and made interacting, allowing the users not only to visualize them, but to live a true immersive experience.

The most recent research comparing content by channel has proven that Augmented Reality in Marketing is 2.5 times more engaging than traditional channels like TV, Radio and Print media. These findings offer Marketing professionals a unique opportunity to rebalance their communication channels in a more entertaining way.

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Our Marketing & Expertise

Our expertise in this vertical derives from several projects delivered in this area, alongisde with contributions to the community including White Papers, Case Studies and the like.

AR in Retail

Physical stores are no longer the only sales channels, as eCommerce and other hybrid channels emerged in between physical and online stores. Take a look at the opportunities offered by Augmented Reality in retail.

Immersive Catalog

An immersive catalog is the best way to give your customers a grasp of what they will experience by buying your product and this is exactly what we did to support this MSC Cruises.

Product Configurator

“optimARes” is an application that allows to interact with virtual models of airplane seats in the physical space using AR. When turning the camera to a target image, you can simulate the setup of the seat and interact with it.

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