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Augmented Reality offers Marketers and Publishers an engaging way to present multimedia contents to customers and readers, by completely renewing the way people interact with objects and paper products like books, magazines and catalogs.

The most recent research comparing content by channel has proven that Augmented Reality in Marketing is 2.5 times more engaging than traditional channels like TV, Radio and Print media. These findings offer Marketing and Publishing professionals a unique opportunity to rebalance their communication channels in a more entertaining way.

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Our Marketing & Publishing Expertise

Our expertise in this vertical derives from several projects delivered in this area, alongisde with contributions to the community including White Papers, Case Studies and the like.

Focus Magazine

Mondadori, one of the largest publishers in Italy, decided to introduce Augmented Reality content to improve the reading experience of their best selling product, the popular science magazine Focus.

Immersive Catalog

An immersive catalog is the best way to give your customers a grasp of what they will experience by buying your product and this is exactly what we did to support this MSC Cruises.

AR in Publishing

Read this in-depth Analysis provided by Inglobe Technologies and discover how print products can keep competing with digital products by renewing their value proposition for the readers.

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Latest Augmented Reality Marketing News

Il Nuovo Calcio, the first sports magazine in Italy to embrace AR

Il Nuovo Calcio, the first sports magazine in Italy to embrace AR

Starting from issue #336 of February 2021, the Italian sports magazine “Il Nuovo Calcio” embraces AR in order to offer additional content in conjunction with the printed magazine. To celebrate the magazine’s 30th anniversary, the editorial board decided to release … Read More

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Augmented Reality app for Magazines

How Publishers can use Augmented Reality to upgrade their business

The publishing industry has undergone a massive transformation in the last decade, with mobile and portable devices opening the door to digital content that wasn’t as easily and freely available before. E-books, online magazines and other multimedia content now abund … Read More

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Photographer shooting with his camera with a female model

What Photographers can do with Augmented Reality

With the AR/VR market set to touch almost 19 billion dollar in sales in 2020, including hardware and software, it is now clear that is increasingly and rapidly becoming a mass market, collecting the interest of consumers and professionals from … Read More

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