HyperIndustry – Industrial Augmented Reality


The first Industrial Augmented Reality Platform

HyperIndustry supports field technicians with paperless Industrial Augmented Reality instructions in real time using mobiles and wearables.

Support for Hands-Free Operations

From sourcing to engineering and integration, we assist our partners in finding the smartglass solution that best fits their needs.

Improve your Industry 4.0 operations and boost efficiency

Industrial Augmented Reality Application on a Tablet

Through process digitalization, workers can finally access information on the shopfloor when they need it and where they need it by means of mobiles and wearables. The need of printed documents is dramatically reduced.

Thanks to ready made procedures created with an intuitive Augmented Reality Workflow, you can get technicians to perform operations in the best possible way.
Immersive technologies are demonstrated to improve workers learning outcomes and information retention thanks to a “learning by doing” paradigm.

HyperIndustry has the potential to dramatically reduce execution time and hence reduce costs and risks associated with different operations.

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Create, Publish and Analyze your Industrial Augmented Reality procedures

  • Digitalization of Technical Equipment

    Thanks to the HyperIndustry Platform you can create a digital layout of your equipment even in challenging and changing environments. You need not rely on out of date information as you are now enabled to update the digital assets anytime to take the best out of the solution.

  • Procedure Management System

    HyperIndustry provides an easy to use web-based interface and standalone tools to visually create technical procedures for a variety of equipment. The platform enables different kinds of digital assets, including 3D models and animations, images, videos, documents and audio files.

  • Ubiquitous and Mobile Collaboration

    HyperIndustry is a collaborative platform. Experts and Managers can setup standards and assignments to best support field operators whereas field workers can share their insights on the processes and activities with their co-workers to speed up problem identification and resolution.

  • Support for Mobiles and Wearables

    The platform supports different existing mobiles platforms, including iOS and Android. A Microsoft Windows Client can be added on demand. We also assist you in the sourcing and engineering of dedicated Smartglass or wearable solutions that best fit your needs.

  • KPI Management and Data Analytics

    HyperIndustry allows to rely on suitable KPIs to better understand the evolution of the level of performance related to the implemented workflows. Thanks to data collection and analysis, the platform allows to identify bottlenecks and areas of improvement in the process at glance.

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The Benefits of Smart Maintenance

Smart systems based on Perceptual Computing and Augmented Reality technologies may improve performance by up to 50% depending on the usage scenario
AR for Industry 4.0 has the potential to reduce costs up to 25% by enabling faster operations and by making components replacement more intuitive

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