Celebrate May 4th with the best AR/VR Star Wars experiences

may ar be with you

“May AR be with you”: Yes, we have decided to celebrate Star Wars day with the best AR/VR immersive experiences. We know, this may not be the original quote from the legendary, stellar movie Star Wars, but this gets straight to the point, right? In order to celebrate the Star Wars day, which happens to be, of course, May the 4th,  there are no excuses not to relive the most captivating stories and the best images, recalling the most sensational immersive experiences based on the outstanding movie series. The following are the best picks in the manner of games, virtual and augmented reality experiences, virtual production and, why not, even metaverse where Star Wars has come into our very homes.

Celebrate Star Wars day with the best AR/VR immersive experiences

Celebrate with “Star Wars, Trials on Tatooine”  and “Star Wars Pinball VR”

In order to celebrate Star Wars day with the best AR/VR immersive experiences, in terms of games, “Star Wars, Trials on Tatooine” is a must. Even if it is not the newest Star Wars game, since it was born in 2016, it definitely represents one of the “must try” SW virtual experiences of all time. The game takes place in a galaxy far away from Star Wars, right after the events of the Return of the Jedi, called Tatooine, where you can actually wield a lightsaber and be transported into the desert of Tatooine and defend the droid R2-D2 from the stormtroopers. Technically speaking, the game requires a powerful computer since its photo-realistic approach and it uses a single controller. It can be downloaded for free on SteamVR.

Star Wars day ToT

Have you ever heard about a Star Wars-themed Pinball experience? Well, it is not exactly like any other Pinball games, but if you want to Celebrate Star Wars day with the best AR/VR immersive experiences, you should definitely try it. In fact, Star Wars – Pinball VR” is a Pinball VR experience and this is what makes it extremely original and curious. In the game, not only can you play the “traditional” Pinball game with a virtual Pinball machine, but, moreover, there are items and tools in the game itself which enhance your gaming experience like never before.

In the game there are different Pinball machines, and every Pinball machine represents a different story of the Star Wars saga, including The Mandalorian, the newest Star Wars TV series. The Pinball game itself is definitely one of a kind Pinball game. In fact, it is not everyday that you see 3D astronauts, shooting and explosions taking life in a Pinball game. To enhance your VR experience even more, you can also find yourself fighting against one of the main characters and playing numerous additional mini games. In the game, you find your Pinball machine in a personal playroom, called “the fan cave”, and to make it even more captivating, you can become your very own room designer and customize it the way you prefer, putting your hero statue, winning your Pinball trophies and much more. Star Wars Pinball VR is available on Oculus Quest, SteamVR, and PlayStation VR headsets.

Star Wars Pinball experience

Immerse yourself in AR/VR “Star Wars: Jedi Challenges” experience

Released by Disney, this is one of the best Star Wars AR (Augmented Reality) Video Games with equipment, and this is by far the best way to celebrate Star Wars day. Created in collaboration with Lenovo. With a headset, a lightsaber handle, a LED motion tracking, and your smartphone, you have the chance to bring Star Wars into reality!

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges involves three games in it. The first is Lightsaber Battles, where, once wielded your lightsaber handle, you need to fight against your enemies who will appear in your room, choosing among different types of game, like defeating waves of enemy troops across all eras in Assault Mode, facing off in 1-on-1 duels against Kylo Ren, Darth Vader and others, using Force powers to strategically defeat your enemies.

The second experience available in the game is Strategic Combat. In a large-scale war ground, you can train yourself in military strategies by commanding armies in order to defeat the enemies, win against the forces of the Darkside or/and recreate epic battles. Improving your skills, you can also unlock new levels and go on in the game.

The third Star Wars experience is Holochess. With Holochess, you can also train your concentration and strategy in chess ground with monsters and aliens based on the movie Star Wars IV – A new Hope. In the game you need to collect eight different creatures with different strengths and weaknesses and win against the enemy.

Star Wars Jedi challenges

Celebrate Star Wars day rewatching “The Mandalorian”

You can celebrate Star Wars day also by rewatching the best SW movies, celebrating the innovative production processes. Indeed, the production process of The Mandalorian is extremely innovative in terms of technologies used for visual effects, where the actors directly interact with the virtual objects and the surroundings. This is called Virtual Production. That means that the crew can change from scene to scene, in the same location, without interruptions. Using this type of technology you don’t even need to go to specific locations to create your work. In the Mandalorian, indeed, it is impossible to recognise whether a scene has been created with Virtual Production or not.

Star Wars AR/VR immersive experiences the mandalorian

The ultimate Star Wars immersive experience: Reborn, the Metaverse

Being claimed as the “most anticipated Metaverse game of 2022”, Star Wars: Reborn seems to be the Metaverse game we were all waiting for. 

As seen from British Weekly, according to the creator, Reborn should be composed of more than 1000 planets, where every player cooperates to build one and asset it, or even build new ones. The highest hype is all around one of the planets, which should represent the Hollywood planet and where lots of celebrities are expected to participate.

Celebrate Star Wars day with the best AR/VR immersive experiences

These are our favorite picks to celebrate Star Wars day with the best AR/VR immersive experiences. So, now that you have loads of options on how to celebrate Star Wars day, have you decided your favorite “galaxy” where to pull out your lightsaber yet?

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