Augmented Reality in Education


Augmented Reality technology has great fit with Educational use cases. It is possible to upgrade the teaching materials providing a blend of traditional and digital content, in order to improve student’s engagement and knowledge retention. AR comes handy in Education also to make distance learning more effective.

Educational institutions and teachers can imagine new way of using AR in Education both by preparing immersive lessons that the students can enjoy using their personal devices and by involving the kids in the content creation process, thus offering the chance to develop new digital skills.

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Thanks to its interactive and surprising nature, Augmented Reality is able to increase the level of focus of any audience on any subject

Augmented Reality proved to be a technology capable of improving knowledge retention in a statistically significant way
Using mobile devices students can create and use 3D models and interactive content without buying and carrying additional teaching materials
Through AR-media Studio students will learn to use new generation tools for the creation of AR/VR content in the job market

The Benefits of AR for Education

quick learning AR education
Augmented Reality, thanks to the powerful perceptual stimulation, makes the learning process faster and more engaging
knowledge retention AR education

Empirical studies show that information learned with Augmented Reality is retained for longer than traditional learning systems

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Augmented Reality in education

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