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Industry 4.0

Augmented Reality has proven to be a value added technology in the Industry vertical, improving the way field workers operate tasks such as Assembly and Maintenance. Several studies have shown how Industrial Augmented Reality can both increase efficiency and reduce errors by visually guiding the workers in the execution of their tasks.

Another way Augmented and Virtual Reality have proven to be useful in the Industry vertical is by making it easier and faster for new hires to learn new work instructions. AR and VR Training shorten the learning curve and help trainees to better retain the newly acquired information over time.

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Our Industry 4.0 Expertise

Our expertise in this vertical derives from several projects delivered in this area, alongisde with contributions to the community including White Papers, Case Studies and the like.


Huawei endowed its workforce with mobile devices in order to manage post-installation checks on industrial inverters with Augmented Reality instructions and to reduce errors in the field 


ABB introduced an Augmented Reality app to help assembly workers to identify and fix low complexity faults, without involving skilled maintainers, thus reducing machine downtimes 

Smart Maintenance

Read this Whitepaper from Inglobe Technologies and learn what Industrial Augmented Reality has to offer. You will learn how to estimate you project’s ROI and what is the suggested roadmap

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Inglobe featured in Rokin’s Industry 4.0 Landscape as a Key AR Player

German Technology Scouting company Rokin, recently released the Industry 4.0 Technology Stack, a summary of the most relevant players, grouped by area of expertise. We are proud to be included in the Industry 4.0 Technology landscape, specifically in the AR/VR/MR … Read More

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Inglobe joins the Human Brain Project to create the next generation of bio-inspired Industrial Robots

Inglobe joins the Human Brain Project to create the next generation of bio-inspired Industrial Robots

We are glad to announce that Inglobe Technologies has joined the Human Brain Project to create a new generation of intelligent bio-inspired industrial robots. Together with its partners, the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) and the spinoff AI2Life, Inglobe … Read More

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Worker wearing augmented reality smartglass for Safety VisionAR

Univet VisionAR, a certified Smartglass for industrial use

VisionAR is a Safety Augmented Reality smartglass developed by Univet, an Italian multinational specialized in manufacturing safety, laser and medical protective eyewear products. EyeTechLab is the Univets Division of the new products, including the adoption of the most disruptive technologies … Read More

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