Augmented Reality in Architecture

Architecture & Construction

Augmented Reality allows to leverage on 3D assets in order to improve processes in the Architecture and Construction vertical (AEC). Project presentation, project collaboration and site management can be brought to the next level by using both Mobile and Wearable devices.

Used in combination with a Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow, Augmented Reality in Architecture and Construction enables an immersive building management process, helping the BIM Managers to easily identify potential problems in the project and to easily find a solution.

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Our Augmented Reality Architecture Expertise

Our expertise in this vertical derives from several projects delivered in this area, alongisde with contributions to the community including White Papers, Case Studies and the like.

AR BIM Visualization

AR combined with Building Information Modeling (BIM) enables an advanced building visualization for processes like design and maintenance, using both mobile and wearable devices.

Electric Infrastructure Visualization

Augmented Reality used in combination with GIS and Spatial Mapping can help you visualize complex infrastructure on site before it’s even built.

AR for Urban Professionals

Read this Whitepaper and learn how AEC Professionals can leverage on AR and other positioning technologies to improve the way they plan and design.

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