Create your AR Business Card: dare to be different!

AR business cards

If you want to stand out at introducing your brand, the first necessary aspect that you need to consider is delivering a business card that differs from all the others, in order to be remembered and to awaken more interest. Well, the ultimate value that can make a huge difference in your business card is the Augmented Reality (AR) element. 

An AR Business card makes you stand out from all the other “regular” business cards especially because of its “wow” effect that allows you to produce more appealing results compared to the other large amount of business cards that always (let’s be honest) end up resting in the most hidden and forgotten part of our wallet. 

Thanks to an Augmented Reality business card you can also show more about you than you would do on a normal business card. By simply pointing the smartphone on your AR business card, it is possible to add several actions to your card so that the user can live a definitely more appealing knowledge experience and this allows you to stand out more among the others and instantly give an additional sense of professionality and will to emerge.

ar business card example

Some of the advantages of an AR business card 

The advantages of using an AR business card compared to a “regular” business card are limitless. By presenting an AR business card you definitely have more chances to:

  • increase engagement: it is known that printed products that have implemented the AR element create more engagement and more curiosity to the people who are seeing it for the first time (increasing the chances to see it for a second, third and fourth time…);
  • show that you keep up with modern times: we all know that business cards will always be important in the business/marketing field, but showing that you have been able to give them a new updated and technological life will definitely give you an aura of modernity and originality that it will be impossible not to consider in the working field;
  • increase ROI: whether your AR business card will help you get that job or not, it will for sure contribute to generate clicks and interactions on your website and portals, helping you achieving higher numbers in terms of engagement, clicks and visits;
  • be more respectful with the environment: yes, business cards are made in paper and so are AR business cards, but thanks to the AR technology, a single business card can contain a large amount of information otherwise impossible to enclose in a little piece of paper. This means less use of paper and more information given at the same time. 

Endless possibilities to stand out with an AR business card

Through your AR business card, you can show more about yourself and your work. For instance, you can add your social pages in it, so that with only one click others can see immediately your profile pages and immediately have a “virtual” perception of you. Same with your website and/or your email address and phone number. 

Moreover, you could also show an original video presentation, where you present your work, your vision and a bit about yourself, or if you feel like it, you could also create an avatar of you that explains your work for you as soon as people click on it. 

You can create animations, put links to your works and socials, add images, videos and even games if you want to add a major sense of amusement.

ar business cards

The technology behind the AR business card

In order to create an AR business card, Augmented Reality technology uses marker-based recognition, that means that you need a marker to activate the augmentation. By scanning the image marker with your smartphone, you will activate the experience and start seeing your augmented business card in a way you couldn’t believe possible. 

The marker you need in order to activate the augmentation can basically be activated in two different modes. There is the easier one, which is by using Web based AR: in this case, you only need to implement an 2D image marker, which usually is a QR code on your card and by scanning the QR code and clicking the link given, the magic will appear. 

Otherwise, there are AR business cards that can be activated using a mobile app. This can appear a little more tricky and, even though the “wow effect” will totally be worth the downloading, lazier people can find the use of additional apps more difficult and this could generate the hated proposition “I will look at it later” that we must avoid at all costs.

Now see the magic happens

Our platform AR-media allows you to create impressive AR business cards, able to stand out among all the others. With simple steps you can bring your business card to another level, doing something more original and worth-remembering.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to start creating an experience with AR-media. Start creating your own AR business card.

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