[INFOGRAPHIC] Who is investing more in the Metaverse?

investment in the Metaverse

Investment in the Metaverse and the sectors most affected

In the first months of 2022, $120 billion was invested in the ‘wide field’ of the Metaverse (more than twice as much as in 2021). 

Investors in the Metaverse fall into three categories: large technology companies (Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, Apple, Alphabet), venture capitalists and brands pioneering innovative projects.

Investments in the Metaverse

The sectors that show real interest and investment in the Metaverse are: energy (18%), automotive (17%), hi-tech (17%), tourism (15%) and entertainment (15%). 

Investments in the Metaverse

According to a McKensey survey of 3,400 people worldwide, already 59% of respondents prefer to have a digital experience as an alternative to a physical one. In particular, shopping, attending events or games, fitness, dating and education are mentioned.

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