AR-media Studio Analytics

AR-media Studio is now endowed with a new Analytics module, capable of providing usage data based on what the AR-media app users do with projects. Just like Google Analytics is able to tell you how many users visited your website … Read More

AR-media Augmented Reality interactions and events

How to manage events and interactions

In this tutorial we’ll cover: How to access the Behaviours Manager in AR-media Studio How to set-up interactions in an Augmented Reality scene How to manage 3D model’s animations

AR-media Plans for Education

The following article contains the instructions on how to use some features that are available only on AR-media Educational Plans that provide collaboration, namely “Classroom”, “School” and “Academy”. Creating Users In the Admin Area of AR-media Studio it is possible … Read More

AR-media Player Settings

The AR-media Player mobile app provides a Settings section that allows you to manage some of the User Interface elements, as well as some visualization parameters. In order to change these values, open the AR-media Player menu and select Settings. … Read More

What is the Plugins Token?

The Plugins Token is your personal key that allows you to link the AR-media Plugins (such as the ones for SketchUp or 3ds Max) to your AR-media account. By copying the Plugins Token into any of those plugins you can … Read More

Where do I find my Plugins Token?

You can find your Plugins Token in your account information panel. Just click the user’s icon in the top-rightmost corner of the screen to show the information panel:

How to create a simple planar project

In this tutorial we’ll cover: How to create a planar project How to create an AR Scene How to publish and visualize a planar project on mobile

AR-media Plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max

Installation In order to install the AR-media Plugin for 3ds Max you need to download it from the Autodesk App Store. The plugin installs itself as a script utility, meaning that it will be available through the 3ds Max’s Utility … Read More

AR-media Extension for Trimble SketchUp

Installation The AR-media Extension for Trimble Sketchup is available from the SketchUp Extension Warehouse for SketchUp starting from version 2019: Usage When you install the extension, you will see the AR-media Extension‘s toolbar which is your access point to the … Read More


In order to speed up the authoring process you can rely on a set of plugins and extensions for a variety of content creation software, such as Autodesk 3ds Max or Trimble SketchUp. In any case the workflow is as … Read More

Visualization Modes (3D Models)

Introduction When managing a model within the Asset Manager you have the possibility to choose what kind of visualization mode you’d like to use for that specific model. In most cases you can just keep the default choice and your … Read More

AR-media Release Notes

(May, 7th – 2022) AR-media Studio New feature: Added dark/light themes New feature: Simplified user interface and workflows New feature: Improved maps usability Solved minor issues (April, 20th – 2022) AR-media Player (Android) v3.2.3 Bug fixing (March, 8th – 2022) … Read More

How to switch your content in a spatial project

In this tutorial we’ll cover: How to create a spatial project with multiple AR Scenes How to use the Behaviours Manager to design the desired user interaction How to use the “Go to Scene” event to switch from one 3D … Read More

Where do I find my invoice?

You can find your invoice in your personal area on the customer portal here: https://subscriptions.armedia.it/login If you are an italian customer you will receive an electronic invoice directly through the SDI system typically within 30 days from the date of … Read More

Is there any way to import my .armedia files in the new AR-media Platform?

There is no straightforward way to import your former .armedia files in the new AR-media Platform. On the other hand, you can easily import your models and use the behaviour manager to quickly replicate them.

Is AR-media Player also available for Windows?

Current AR-media Player is only available for iOS and Android.

Can I just upgrade the storage or number of projects of my Subscription Plan?

To upgrade the storage capacity or the number of projects of your plan, you need to upgrade to one of the higher subscription plans. We grant, however, the possibility to customize your plan’s parameters according to a suitable Custom subscription … Read More

What if I buy a Subscription? Will my Subscription be automatically renewed?

We will not automatically renew your subscription and there will be no recurrent payment to our Account. We will, however, send you an advance email notification regarding the expiry date of your subscription. It will be your responsibility to renew … Read More

I own an old AR-media Plugin PRO license. Am I eligible to get a free upgrade to the new AR-media Platform?

As a valued former AR-media user, you can register for the new AR-media Free Plan and also get a special discount code to upgrade your subscription.

What’s new in the “new” AR-media Platform?

The new AR-media platform is composed by  AR-media Studio: the cloud platform that allows you to author and publish your Mixed Reality projects AR-media Plugins: the standalone Plugins that allow you to export your models from your favourite 3D software … Read More