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The following article contains the instructions on how to use some features that are available only on AR-media Educational Plans that provide collaboration, namely “Classroom”, “School” and “Academy”.

Creating Users

In the Admin Area of AR-media Studio it is possible for Teachers and Admins to create new users of both types: Teachers and Students.

For every new user it is required to add Name, Email, Password and to select the Role Type.

Creating new users

Sharing Assets

Multimedia files are the foundation of any successful AR project, especially in an Educational environment where teachers and students may need to share assets in order to build the experiences.

AR-media Educational Plans that include collaboration (Classroom, School and Academy) feature an Assets sharing system that allows the teachers to make available a number of multimedia files to all the students or selected workgroups.

Uploading assets in the shared area

It is sufficient for the Teacher to just upload the assets to be shared in the main folder, that is shared by default. While in order to share the assets in selected workgroups the Teacher has to upload the file in the Assets Manager of the workgroup, by selecting the corresponding tab in the upper section of the Assets Manager.

The presence of shared assets is useful when the Teacher wants to provide the building blocks for assignment or team projects. Having the opportunity to work sharing the same assets allows users to collaborate on the same projects for different purposes, such as team projects on specific subjects (Science, Art, etc…).

Workgroups and Collaboration

Every AR-media Classroom or School plan comes with a number of predefined workgroups.

List of existing workgroups and their composition

Such groups can be renamed and associated with the users the admin wants to be in the group. In order to do that, the admin has to click on the edit icon of the workgroup and, once prompted to the users list, she has to simply select the users to associate with the group.

Associating users with a workgroup

All the users in a workgroup can see and work with the assets and projects shared in that workgroup.

Managing Assignments

An assignment is a task the Teacher can assign to a Student, all the Students or to selected workgroups. Teachers can give assignments to the students with specific instructions on what to achieve in the project in order to give it a mark after the evaluation process.

In AR-media Studio an Assignment is a project. In order to create a new Assignment, the Teacher has to create a new project, hopefully using the description field to provide Students information about the task and the expected goal. It is not necessary for the Teacher to work on the project or to add experiences to it to be able to assign it.

Project ready to be assigned

Once the project is created a “SEND” button will appear on top of the project card, allowing the Teacher to select the assignees.

Selecting the assignees of the project

Students will see a new project appear in their personal area or in the workgroup the Teacher selected. At this point it will be possible for the Student to work on the project according to the Teacher’s instructions.

A project, in order to be submitted, has to contain at least 1 experience and at least 1 scene. At this point the Student will have to share the project privately, by clicking on the “Share” button on the project card, and finally on the “Submit” button on the project card.

Assignment completed and ready to be submitted

Evaluating Assignments

By accessing the Admin Area –> Projects Submitted, Teachers can check at any time if an assignment has been submitted in order to evaluate it.

After the project has been evaluated, Teachers have two options: Assign a mark or Unsubmit and resend the project to the student with a comment.

List of the assignments submitted

By clicking on the “Evaluate” button, Teachers will be able to assign a mark and optionally add a comment to the Assignment.

Evaluating an assignment with mark and comment

If for some reason the Teacher believes the submitted assignment is incomplete or improvements are needed, she can click on the “Unsubmit” button to send it back to the Student with a comment on what kind of action is needed. After the rework, the Student can repeat the submission process and the Teacher can finally give a mark.

At this point, by going into the Projects Area, the Student can see how her project has been evaluated.

Evaluated project (Student’s view)

Teachers can check the history of assignments in the Admin Area –> Evaluated Projects, reading the list of projects and the respective marks.

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