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AR-media Studio is now endowed with a new Analytics module, capable of providing usage data based on what the AR-media app users do with projects.

Just like Google Analytics is able to tell you how many users visited your website in a specified date range and what pages they visited, AR-media Studio Analytics help you understand if your projects are being viewed on mobiles.

AR-media Analytics are available for the AR-media App users

We just made available the AR-media Analytics for all users, except for those using white label apps. We are planning a roll-out phase that will involve them as well.

If you have a Free or Paid AR-media account and you are publishing your projects on the AR-media App, you’ll find a new section in your Dashboard, called “Analytics”.

The metrics being controlled are essentially two: Users and Events.

“Users” metrics provide the number of unique users engaged by your projects in a given date interval, while “Events” help you understand how much your users are interacting with your projects. Basically an event is an action that triggers something designed through the Behaviors Manager (e.g. Showing a 3D model; Playing an audio file; Moving to another Scene; etc…).

Metrics tracked by AR-media Studio Analytics

With the AR-media Studio Analytics’ module we want to provide a simple and easy to use way to understand how your Mixed Reality projects are performing on mobiles.

The module is made of two distinct sections, a Dashboard with the highlights of users and events engaged by an account and a detailed page with additional information containing:

  • Map view
    • Discover users by countries engaged by your projects
  • OS breakdown
    • See the mobile OS breakdown between iOS and Android
  • Daily Analytics
    • Read the chart to control how many users you are engaging each day
  • Projects Analytics
    • Control your data analytics project by project, with the detail of users involved and events triggered

On the upper right corner you can select a given date interval by either selecting one of the presets or by manually selecting start and end dates. The analytics will update accordingly.

Enterprise users will be able to require the integration of custom metrics as an additional component of their custom subscription.

How tracking on mobile devices works

The AR-media app is connected to a Google Analytics account that gathers the data related to users, sessions, events, countries, operating systems. These data are then gathered by AR-media Studio into the Analytics module to let users become aware of the popularity of their projects, where they are being viewed and on what kind of devices.

The Analytics in AR-media Studio are updated in a matter of a few minutes/hours, according to Google Analytics service speed.

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