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The AR-media Player mobile app provides a Settings section that allows you to manage some of the User Interface elements, as well as some visualization parameters.

In order to change these values, open the AR-media Player menu and select Settings.

ar-media player app menu
AR-media Player Menu
AR-media Player Settings

User Interface settings

  • Hide Transforms Button: Hides the button that provides access to transformations (pan, zoom, rotation)
  • Hide Immersive Mode Button: Hides the button to switch from single view mode to side-by-side immersive view
Detail of the UI elements which can be hidden

Immersive Mode settings

  • Start Experiences in Immersive Mode: When enabled experiences will automatically start using the side-by-side view mode instead of the single view mode
  • Fit Virtual Screens to Device’s Screen: When enabled the virtual screens, used by the side-by-side view mode, will be scaled to fit as much space as possible on the device’s screen (NOTE: The camera view and virtual objects could look bigger than what they really are)

Planar Experiences settings

  • Use Front Camera: Enables the mobile device front camera, instead of the back camera, in planar projects
AR-media Player front camera planar experience
Using the device front camera
AR-media Player front camera planar experience
Visualization detail from the iPad
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