MSC presents the first Mixed Reality catalog

mixed reality catalog google cardboard

Last year MSC Cruises, supported by Axed Group in collaboration with Inglobe Technologies, Onemore and D2B, created the first mixed reality catalog for sale of cruises through the travel agency channel. The experience consisted of displaying 360░ photos and videos relative to the MSC cruise ship environments and to the locations of the various routes available. Potential customers could try to preview the cruise experience from an entirely new point of view than that offered so far by the traditional catalog.

This year, for the 2018-2019 edition, MSC Cruises has gone further and wanted to offer anáeven more immersive experience by adding Augmented Realityáto Virtual Reality, thus offering the first Mixed Reality catalog for cruises in the world.

The application allows users to rely on their mobile devices to view 3D models of MSC ships, which seem to emerge from the paper catalog pages coming to life and offering an interactive perspective. In fact, you can access the panoramic views that cast people inside the environments of the ship by enabling an immersive exploration thanks to the selection of hotspots available in AR on the three-dimensional model of the ships.

Google Cardboard visualization is also available, for an even more immersive user experience.

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