Runners’ Magazine “Correre” offers AR to its Italian readers

Runners Magazine Correre offers AR to its Italian readers

We discussed the importance of Augmented Reality in Publishing several times, stressing the attention on the shift in preferences towards digital content from the readers worldwide, however we never cease to be amazed when a new product joins the AR club and starts offering Augmented Reality content to its readers, in order to provide a more satisfying experience.

Sports magazines, books and other print products, being related to sport events and performances, often fall short in the attempt to provide an engaging storytelling about them, since in many cases, using just pictures, is a constraint that readers tend to overcome by consulting additional multimedia sources, like social media and digital media, that offer video content. This constraint can be finally left over by providing an augmented reading experience.

Another sports magazine joins the Augmented Reality club

Italian publisher “Editoriale Sport Italia” recently brought AR to its football magazine “Il Nuovo Calcio” and, starting from march 2021, also to runners’ magazine “Correre”.

The editorial staff started adding AR content to selected pages inside the Correre magazine in order to provide additional in-depth content like interviews, highlights, training tips and more. Such content can be enjoyed by means of a mobile App that the readers can download from the iOS and Android app stores at no additional cost!

By pointing the smartphone’s camera to those pages with the AR icon, readers can download and enable videos, animations, 360 content and other media files that bring the pages to life.

Using the “Correre AR” app

More and more publishers are choosing AR-media

One of the key elements of the increasing diffusion of AR books and magazines is the accessibility of the authoring tools. The easier it is to create Augmented Reality experiences for print media, the higher is the chance of having more products like these in the publishing market.

One of such tools is AR-media, Inglobe Technologies’ Zero Coding Augmented Reality platform, a visual and easy to use tool for creators willing to quickly and effectively produce immersive content for a variety of audiences and use cases, including publishing.

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