Il Nuovo Calcio, the first sports magazine in Italy to embrace AR

Il Nuovo Calcio, the first sports magazine in Italy to embrace AR

Starting from issue #336 of February 2021, the Italian sports magazine “Il Nuovo Calcioembraces AR in order to offer additional content in conjunction with the printed magazine.

To celebrate the magazine’s 30th anniversary, the editorial board decided to release a brand new mobile application, named “Il Nuovo Calcio AR” for iOS and Android devices, providing exclusive access to interesting and updated multimedia content that would not be possible to deliver on paper.

With this move, Il Nuovo Calcio is the first Italian sports magazine to embed AR multimedia files into its product, confirming the trend, already underway by the major publishers, to offer a hybrid product that integrates both the traditional logic of publishing with the digital ones. The final aim is to offer a renewed and more appealing reading experience.

As we discussed before, the publishing industry is undergoing great changes, mainly due to the rise of interest of readers towards digital products and channels, which is part of a general shift of information towards digital media. One of the ways to strengthen paper products’ appeal is by providing a mix between digital and traditional, which is a type of support to which people are still very attached to.

What an AR sports magazine can offer?

With the introduction of its application, Il Nuovo Calcio will be able to offer content that will enrich the reading experience, by making pages more interactive and more entertaining.

It is easy to imagine how much a sports magazine can benefit from AR content like video interviews, highlights, tactical animations, gallery of photos and even 3D models of stadiums or other sport facilities.

Before this hybrid model was even possible, readers used to read paper products and then they explored the topic more in depth using the internet. Often publishers themselves provide indications and website references where a topic can be studied in depth, when they haven’t the chance to embed it directly into the product.

Finally with AR and VR, publishers have more tools to deliver their content and to provide a truly fulfilling experience.

One of such tools is AR-media, Inglobe Technologies’ Zero Coding Augmented Reality platform, a visual and easy to use tool for creators willing to quickly and effectively produce immersive content for a variety of audiences and use cases, including publishing.

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