Experience NASA’s Mars Perseverance in Augmented Reality with AR-media

Exeperience NASA's Mars Perseverance in Augmented Reality with AR-media

On February 18th 2021 the NASAís Perseverance rover successfully landed on Mars and started its exploratory mission, consisting mainly in the collection of samples, images and sound of the red planet.

The first images and sounds released by NASA have garnered a lot of media attention, so we decided to use the official Perseverance 3D model in order to create and publish an Augmented Reality experience of the rover in 1:1 scale.

Thanks to this experience youíll be able to enjoy the Rover anywhere in your surroundings and get projected on a multisensorial Mars environment as recorded by Perseverance. If you use a suitable AR/VR headset for smartphones you can select the new immersive visualization mode of AR-media to enjoy a truly Martian immersive experience and, in a way, feel like being there.

How to enjoy the AR Mars Perseverance experience?

If you want to play this Augmented Reality experience just download the AR-media Player app from your favourite app store (Google Play Store, Huawei App Gallery or Apple App Store), open the app and select the Mars Perseverance card from the list of available projects.

Then just download the experience and follow the instructions: you will be asked to move your device to create a map of the surrounding environment and after that just tap on the display to place the 3D model of the Mars Perseverance rover where you want it to appear.

How was the experience created?

This Mars Perseverance experience was easily created using AR-media and creating a spatial project. We downloaded the 3D model and the 360 image from the NASA free resources and assembled them in a just few minutes.

A guide on how to create spatial projects with AR-media can be found here: Learn how to use AR-media in under 3 minutes – YouTube

Get a free AR-media account and start creating, you can rely on detailed tutorials and documentation available in the support section.

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