Integrating HTML5 with AR: some use cases

Intergrating HTML5 with AR: some use cases

HTML5 is a very powerful markup language, it givesyou the ability to create simple to complex web applications rich in multimedia content. HTML5 allows you to create apps and games that, in the form of packages, can be easily integrated into entertaining immersive experiences.

AR-media Studio offers a straightforward process to easily combine HTML5 and Augmented Reality into a single project.

In particular, among the use cases that can be achieved, here are a few examples:

HTML5 Mini Apps

  • Using HTML5 to build mini applications serves the purpose of achieving a specific goal during the user experience, for example a registration form. Integrating this kind of content into immersive experiences can help gather data from users/customers to be used later for marketing purposes. In this way you can build an experience that is useful and entertaining at the same time because it provides a funny experience to the user, yet it collects precious marketing data.

HTML5 Mini Games

  • People love games on mobile devices and HTML5 lets you create mini games that can be embedded into AR/VR experiences so that, once the user scans an image she is given the option to play a game. This kind of user experience is especially useful when the mini game has some kind of pertinence with the content/topic being scanned. When creating this kind of content, please keep in mind the the final experience will be enjoyed on a mobile device, thus all the games controls have to be usable through touch and gestures.

HTML5 Quizzes and Tests

  • For Entertainment, Training or Education purposes, HTML5 can help you integrate Quizzes and Tests into your printed materials in order to let users enjoy a Quiz or a Test related to something they just read. This is a great way to enrich a training book since the user will be able to get immediately a feedback related to the level of understanding of the topic she just read. Same goes for funny quizzes, the user can easily get a result without having to engage in boring and time consuming calculations.

HTM5 Photo Galleries

  • Finally HTML5 packages can also be used to create Photo Galleries. Starting from an AR experience, the user can be invited to open a gallery with additional media files, as an in-depth of the topic being discussed. This is a great option for magazines or catalogs which are tipically full of pictures. So when there is not enough room on the page to add additional visual content, and HTML5 gallery, triggered through Augmented Reality can be the perfect complement.

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