An Immersive AR/VR mode is coming soon to AR-media

Steroscopic binocular visualization AR VR smartphone Cardboard

Since the launch of the new generation of the AR-media platform last November, our team has been working hard to add more features and address the needs of entire groups of AR Creators, from Publishers to Architects, from Marketers to Teachers and many more.

We are now excited to announce that we are about to launch a new Immersive AR/VR mode, in order to let our end-users experience Augmented and Virtual Reality content with a higher level of engagement, using affordable Mobile VR headsets.

This new feature will let users switch from standard to binocular visualization for any experience available in the AR-media Player.

The new immersive AR/VR mode is something to be used in association with dedicated headsets that work in combination with smartphones. This class of low cost devices include popular options like the Google Cardboard, the Samsung Gear VR and the Zeiss VR One.

The most popular online stores, like Amazon and Aliexpress, offer plenty of such Mobile VR headsets, starting from a handful of dollars.

When picking one of these devices be aware of its ergonomics and make sure they support your smartphone’s display size. Getting a device with adjustable interpupillary distance is a plus that ensures you will be able to regulate focus.

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