Introducing the new AR-media platform & plugins

AR-media Plugins and Platform on laptop, tablet,smartphone and VR headset

The AR-media Plugins have been our most popular product for many years, and for such a long time they provided an entry level tool for people to easily create AR projects, without ever leaving their 3D modeling software of choice.

So many things have changed in the AR landscape since then, especially with mobile phones revolutionizing the way people access AR and VR content.

For this reason we decided to redesign and launch a completely new version of the AR-media Plugins, packed into a comprehensive platform made of the following components:

  • Web based Experience Creation (AR-media Studio)
  • Optional exporters for the major 3D modeling software (AR-media Plugins)
  • Mobile viewer app for iOS and Android (AR-media Player)

With respect to the past, the new platform offers a lot more features and allows you to easily build simple and complex Augmented Reality projects, including those with interactions such as buttons, animations, 360 navigation and so on.

Supported experience types include Planar, Spatial and Geolocalized. Spatial experiences, a new feature in the AR-media platform, allow you to visualize your AR content in the space, without the need to look for a target image, enabling an entirely new set of use cases, like for example the visualization of architectural projects, the visualization of cultural heritage reconstructions or the visualization of marketing content like a brand new car in 1:1 scale and much more. 

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We are excited to announce that the new AR-media platform will offer a wide range of features, many of which will be new compared to what the AR-media Plugins used to offer.

In general, you will be able to include the following content into your AR and VR projects:

  • 3D Models
  • Videos (Planar videos, 360 videos and Alpha videos)
  • Images (Planar images and 360 images)
  • Audio Clips
  • HTML5 apps and mini games
AR-media Studio 3D web editor for Augmented Reality

The AR-media platform will work with subscription plans for individuals and companies and will also include a Free plan, in order to let our users familiarize themselves with the new product and its functionalities.

Moreover an option for custom Enterprise plans is provided, so companies can ask us to tailor the platform according to their needs, including a white label version of the mobile application.

Join the AR-media revolution and start creating your Augmented Reality project, now!

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