Getting started with Augmented Reality as a BIM Manager

BIM Manager visualizing Augmented Reality project of a building

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has made the entire building lifecycle management much more efficient thanks to an effective and practical approach to handling project information regarding planning, building, maintenance and disposal.

This methodology is widely supported by a large number of software today, including Revit and Archicad many of which have become a standard in the AEC industry, however BIM managers and designers willing to get started with Augmented Reality in Architectural visualization can rely on other options in order to quickly achieve their visualization needs.

How can you combine BIM and Augmented Reality?

Using BIM models in combination with Augmented Reality enables some very interesting use cases for BIM managers and architects.

  1. Visualizing an entire project/building before it is even built, in its future location
  2. Selectively visualizing specific layers of the BIM model, over an existing building or over a 3D model, for example the water or the electrical system
  3. Early identification and correction of structural problems like pipeline clashes 

How to make your BIM models interactive?

The AR-media platform is a tool particularly suited for BIM models Augmented Reality visualization, since it is very easy to prepare and upload a 3D project to AR-media Studio and visualize it using spatial mapping or geolocation.

An interesting feature of AR-media Studio that BIM managers can leverage on in order to create interactive Augmented Reality visualization projects is the Behaviours Manager. This feature of the platform can be used to add buttons and touch interactions that allow you to associate actions to events. For example one of such events can be switching from one layer to another.

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