Circo Maximo Experience wins the Global Remarkable Award as the Best Innovative Venue 2020

Circo Maximo Experience

2020 will certainly be remembered for a long time as the “annus horribilis” for Culture and Tourism worldwide. The ongoing pandemic has profoundly impacted on this sector due to the limitations on travel, lockdowns and social distancing measures. Almost all the location-based VR/AR experiences have been shut down because of Covid-19 and Cultural Heritage institutions, including Museums and Archaeological sites, have shifted to new ways of presenting their pieces of art. Notwithstanding these well known difficulties, our disruptive project, Circo Maximo Experience, has been recognized as the “Best Innovative Venue” in 2020 in the context of the “Remarkable Venue Awards”.

The 2020 Remarkable Venue Awards Global Winners

Established in 2017, the Remarkable Venue Awards is an initiative created by the leading online ticketing platform “Tiqets” to celebrate the best museums and attractions around the world. 

Since the first Remarkable Venue Awards, awards ceremonies have taken place annually in Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, New York, Paris, and Rome. The 2020 Remarkable Venue Awards was a global, online event which celebrated seven categories of awards in six countries: UK & Ireland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States. The selection of the winning venues is based on the customer reviews of venues on For the first time, the Remarkable Venue Award winners of each country went head-to-head to compete for a global title. 6,000+ customers voted for their favorite museums & attractions of 2020 to crown the Best of the Best. 

Circo Maximo Experience is the Best Innovative Venue in 2020

Circo Maximo Experience is the first outdoor permanent Mixed Reality experience that engages visitors in an exciting journey through the history of Circus Maximus in Rome, the largest and most iconic entertainment venue of the ancient times. By wearing Mixed Reality headsets, visitors are able to admire the monument across all the transformations it went through during the different ages. Circo Maximo Experience is a particularly complex engineering challenge that has been designed with the user’s safety in mind. Our “safety-by-design” approach allowed the venue to keep working also during the pandemic, thus making it the only publicly accessible Immersive Mixed Reality experience during these hard times. Additional measures were adopted in order to make the experience safer. The unique harmonization of safety, content, site and technology made it possible for the project to be crowned with this award.

Circo Maximo Experience wins the Global Remarkable Award as the Best Innovative Venue 2020

A more sustainable and technologically advanced future for Cultural Heritage

The Covid-19 crisis has brought to light the need for a profound transformation of the way museums and cultural heritage sites are accessed. There is little doubt, today, that we need a more sustainable and technologically advanced approach to Cultural Heritage valorisation. Thanks to its market validation, Circo Maximo Experience is set to become a model that will inspire other Cultural institutions to embark in similar digital transformation projects in the future.

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