AR-media Educational Plans now available

Students at school using Augmented Reality

The last two years have been very critical for Education worldwide with a pandemic disrupting the relationship between teachers and students, since for many its been impossible to stay in class.

These challenges led to the emergence of alternative teaching methods, with digital tools helping the transition to a virtual classroom model and distance learning gaining ground quickly.

In many occasions we have talked about the importance of activating a true digitization of the learning process and materials in order to empower both students and teachers with modern technologies, this is why at some point we decided to offer an easy to use, yet very effective platform to the educational users.

Starting today, we are finally introducing the AR-media Educational plans to our community.

Taking into account several different educational use cases we made available 4 plans: one for Students; one for Teachers; one for Classrooms and one for Schools. In addition, we have another plan named Academy that can be customized according to the number of classrooms and students.

As with the existing plans for Individuals and Companies, we aim to offer the most competitive prices in the market, since we believe everybody should have access to Augmented Reality authoring tools.

The users who will undertake the purchase process will be asked a proof of enrollment if they are students or a school certificate if they are a teacher or an educational institution.

AR for students, teachers and educational institutions

Whether you are a college student building your AR project for your thesis or a teacher exploring new ways to make lessons more interactive and engaging, AR-media Educational plans offer you the features you need at a very competitive pricing.

For classrooms and schools, when teachers need to involve dozens of students, AR-media offers dedicated plans with exclusive features, such as the possibility to create assignments, give marks and provide feedback to the students. This is a great way of using the platform as a true collaborative environment. Students can even work as a team on the same project!

Evaluating a student’s project on AR-media Studio

Get a free AR-media account and start creating your educational project, you can rely on detailed tutorials and documentation available in the support section.

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