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When you have some asset to use, you should switch to the Projects Manager area to start a new Project that can be:

  • Planar
  • Spatial
  • Geo Located

A planar project allows you to detect and track planar images (also called triggers, think about posters, blueprints, logos, …), spatial projects are used when you want to anchor a virtual content to a specific point in the real world, geo located projects instead are used to add virtual objects to locations based on their GPS coordinates.

To create an empty Project just click the + button in the Projects Manager toolbar. When you create a new Project, you are asked for a name, an image (that will be used as the project’s thumbnail in the mobile app) and a textual description. In the following image you can see the three kinds of projects, note the icon in the left bottom corner of each project’s card it is used to distinguish between projects’ types:

Geo located (left), planar (middle) and spatial (right) projects.
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