What Photographers can do with Augmented Reality

Photographer shooting with his camera with a female model

With the AR/VR market set to touch almost 19 billion dollar in sales in 2020, including hardware and software, it is now clear that is increasingly and rapidly becoming a mass market, collecting the interest of consumers and professionals from many areas, from industry to architecture, from marketing to publishing.

The opportunity Augmented Reality offers to content creators is to provide an engaging way to explore traditional media, turning them into live contents, rather than just still ones.

This is especially true for Photographers: they use a lot of technology and digital tools in their work, but the final result is a static content, a picture, printed or digital.

In an effort to identify what they could do in order to offer more dynamic and interactive products, we analyzed a number of use cases related to their work, helping them to understand how they could surprise their clients and differentiate themselves from the crowd.

A Photographer, as well as a Video Maker, creates a lot of content, thus it is quite simple for them to create Augmented Reality products and services starting from what they already have. Some examples of what Photographers can do with the help of Augmented Reality include:

Immersive Photo Albums with Augmented Reality

Photographers use to create photo albums to collect all the photos of a specific event, be it a trip, a wedding party, a birthday or any other special occasion. Their photo albums are printed products that provide a traditional way of use: people browse them to look at the pictures.

But nowadays Photographers do much more than that. They shoot professional videos and even video clips with drones, or 360░ photos and videos. Unfortunately such content cannot be included in a printed photo album and must be enjoyed separately on a computer, smartphone or smart TV.

Finally with Augmented Reality apps it is now possible to pack the entire experience into a device, typically a smartphone, enabling the visualization of slideshows, videos and 360░contents on printed photo albums. The product comes to life making the entire experience funnier and more satisfying.

Visualization of 360░ Photos and Videos

Photographers who shoot panoramic and 360░ photos and videos cannot use printed media to let their clients visualize that type of content. Of course you must use at least a smartphone in order to be able to properly view 360░ content. Using an Augmented Reality platform, connected with a mobile app like AR-media Player, helps Photographers to easily create 360░ content that their client can enable by simply scanning a picture they already have in their photo album or that has already been printed.

Photo Exhibitions with Augmented Reality

Making a photo exhibition more engaging is easy using an Augmented Reality app and platform. Each photo of the exhibition can be associated with additional multimedia content, making the visitor’s experience more entertaining and rich.

Scanning a photo with an Augmented Reality app like AR-media Player, activates additional content like images, videos and 3D models.

How to upgrade your Photography business with AR-media

Augmented Reality can clearly help photography professionals to get more out of their work, bringing their photos and videos to life through a set of existing AR applications. AR provides a powerful way to surprise clients, stand out from the competition and sell higher margin services and products.

In this scenario AR-media is the ideal tool to build and publish Augmented Reality projects for Photographers, as it requires no coding skills and allows the user to create AR content with a visual, simple workflow.

Get a free AR-media account and start creating, you can rely on detailed tutorials and documentation available in the support section.

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