Welcome to the Era of Personalized Experience!

Visitors attending The Tech Expo 2015 exhibit in London

From “Experience Contextualization” to “Experience Personalization“. If we were asked to highlight the dominant theme of the conversations going on at the wonderful venue of Vinopolis, Central London, during The Technology Expo on 5-6 October, then there’d be no way for getting it wrong: the shift from Contextualization to Personalization would certainly be the winner. The shift well represents a trend that we are starting to experience within the new wave of technology coming from areas such as Augmented RealityVirtual RealityIoTWearables3D PrintingBionics. And here is where a fundamental question emerges:

What if data conveyed by intelligent sensors and equipment not only were provided to users when they are needed where they are needed, but were also presented by taking into account users’ personality, role, preferences, biases and emotions, in a word their “personal identity”?”

Based on the conversations we had chance to get involved in during the Tech Expo, this is exaclty the question that needs to be addressed as a whole new set of technologies is emerging thus allowing to shape the personal experience of the world according to one’s deepest desiresneeds and expectations. As intelligent technologies progress, their disruptive potential is recognized by the larger community of users and observers, thus triggering the reflection and discussion not only around the involved technical challenges but also around the ethical implications. From AR/VR Systems, through personalized and embodied data presentation and management, to intelligent perceptual systems for autonomous navigation, a wide range of emerging technologies has been discussed during the Tech Expo.

As participants and supporters of The Tech Expo, we took part in many interesting discussions, we attended the best presentations, and we had chance to experiment with some of the latest solutions in the area. For this reason we can safely conclude that The Tech Expo is positioning itself as one of the most compact and stimulating European events focusing on the industrialacademic and societal implications of Emerging Technologies in general.

Visitors attending The Tech Expo 2015 exhibit in London
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