Univet VisionAR, a certified Smartglass for industrial use

Worker wearing augmented reality smartglass for Safety VisionAR

VisionAR is a Safety Augmented Reality smartglass developed by Univet, an Italian multinational specialized in manufacturing safety, laser and medical protective eyewear products. EyeTechLab is the Univetís Division of the new products, including the adoption of the most disruptive technologies into the eyewear protection products, including companies like Sony for the adoption of their waveguides display technology in safety Augmented Reality devices.

One of the reasons why this product is so appealing for industrial use cases is because this is a ANSI Z87.1+ and EN166 certified device thus it meets the maximum level of safety PPE standards.

VisionAR Augmented Reality Smartglass Key Specifications

Univetís VisionAR is a Safety Glass with a green scale monocular Augmented Reality projector with a 20į FOV (field of view). Moreover it features a capacitive touch area with four available commands: swipe forward; swipe backward; tap and double tap.

The battery module ensures up to 9 hours of autonomy for the typical use, allowing workers to fully cover an entire shift.

Univet VisionAR Safety Augmented Reality Smartglasses
Source: Univet

On the top of the VisionAR smart glasses there is a camera that enables a number of capabilities, from video streaming to gesture recognition. Additional components that can be mounted on the top of the glasses include: a status LED, a temperature sensor, an IR sensor, a light sensor, a barometer sensor or a microphone for voice control.

For developers willing to access the devices resources and drivers, it is possible to connect to VisionAR Control Unit that can easily communicate with Windows, Linux and Android operating systems.

Suitable Use Cases with Univetís VisionAR

At Inglobe Technologies, having tested and worked with plenty of wearable devices, we are aware of the technical limitations and constraints of many of them, such as heavy to wear, tethered to an external unit, low battery life and more…

For the aformentioned reasons, we were particulary happy with VisionAR after testing it, since it is a light, ergonomic and certified device, with a long lasting battery and thus it is particularly fit for certain use cases including Manufacturing, Logistics and Remote Support.

The Smartglass can be easily integrated into picking processes in warehouses as well as a support for complex operations thanks to its Remote Support capabilities enabled by the camera module.

Worket with Augmented Reality Smartglass for Remote Support
Source: Univet


Official website: https://www.univetar.com/

Technical Specifications: https://online.flippingbook.com/view/464127/

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