Free AR Course for Architecture in Portuguese, using AR-media

Free AR Mini-Course for Architecture in Portuguese, using AR-media

Our friends at A Arquiteta, a Brazilian company specializing in online course on Architecture, have recently released a free mini-course titled Curso de Realidade Aumentada para Arquitetura, Engenharia e Interiores.

The course, taught in Portuguese, has the goal to introduce Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers and other professionals to AR visualization using existing 3D models.

This course in particular is targeted to professionals using Trimble SketchUp in their workflow, however, AR-media Studio, the reference AR platform for this course, can easily import any 3D model properly exported following the Guidelines.

Requirements of the Augmented Reality course

In order to fully enjoy the course and get the more benefits, you will have to do the following:

Editing the project with AR-media Studio

What you will learn with this AR course

This mini course will teach you how to create a simple Augmented Reality project using an architectural 3D model.

You will learn the steps needed to go from the 3D model to AR visualization, in particular visualization using a target image (planar project). However, AR-media studio also offers the option to create Spatial and Geolocated projects, in order to visualize the 3D in the surrounding environment or at a specific location, even in a 1:1 scale.

The total course duration is 1 hour and it is split into 7 lessons, each focusing on a specific stage of the AR workflow with AR-media and SketchUp.

Lessons of the Augmented Reality course

Start learning and go to the FREE course now:

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