Experience this vintage table radio in AR for free!

Augmented Reality table radio made with AR-media

After developing a successful method for moulding plywood in the early 1940s, Charles and Ray Eames employed the acquired know-how to create a wide range of products including radio cabinets. By 1952, roughly 200,000 radios with cabinets designed by the Eameses had been sold by various manufacturers.

One design, however, never went into production: an elegant table radio with a moulded plywood case, whose compact shape and austere, more technical look were unusual for the time. (Source: https://designmuseumshop.com/products/eames-radio)

AR-media user and evangelist Daniel Nunes Kroll, CEO of the Brasilian company A Arquiteta, created a fantastic Augmented Reality experience using the Eames Radio itself, making it play music and giving the user the ability to switch from one radio station to another.

This is a planar experience you can try yourself for free. Download the AR-media app for iOS or Android, download and print the image trigger from the app; frame the trigger using the AR-media app and enjoy this interactive AR experience.

How it was created using AR-media Studio

This interactive AR experience was created using AR-media Studio, the Mixed Reality platform powered by Inglobe Technologies.

This project was created as a planar project, meaning that the 3D content is anchored to a target image.

The 3D radio was added inside the 3D editor and from there the interactions were created by using the AR-media Behaviours Manager, that lets you manage several types of interactions and conditions.

AR-media Behaviours Manager

A guide on how to create planar projects with AR-media can be found here: How to create a simple planar project – Inglobe Technologies

Get a free AR-media account and start creating, you can rely on detailed tutorials and documentation available in the support section.

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