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To add user interactivity to your experiences (AR or 360) you can create a Button asset. Buttons are defined by 3 possible states, each described by the corresponding image:

  • Default (unpressed)
  • Pressed
  • Disabled

When you create a Button asset you provide at least the Default state image and optionally the others. To add a new Button to the Assets Manager you click the + button in the Assets Manager and select the Button option which will display the following window:

Adding a Button

Move the desired images from your computer into the corresponding drag & drop areas to finalise your new Button.

Buttons assets can be used to create buttons for AR (planar, spatial and geo localized) scenes or for 360 scenes as interactive POI (aka POI Buttons). In order to add a button to a scene, open the scene in the Scene Editor and click the Button button in the toolbar:

Adding a Button to a Scene

The button will be added to the scene and you will be able to move in the 3D space according to your needs:

A Button (Default state) in a Scene
A Button (Pressed state) in a Scene
A Button (Disabled state) in a Scene


Buttons are basically images (3 images indeed), so the same requirements and recommendations provided for images apply here as well: 

  • File types: JPG, PNG
  • File size (MB): < 2
  • Resolution (pixels): < 1k x 1k

Remember that you can potentially provide 3 images to define a single Button asset, so always keep an eye on the size of the images you provide because buttons usually should be “visually” small and, in many cases, it would not make sense to use high resolution images for them.

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