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With the AR-media Studio platform you can manage a plethora of different assets types: Images, 3D models, audio and video, user interface elements like buttons and interactive assets like HTML5 content. In the following sections you will find details about each type and some best practices to get the most from the platform.

When working with assets the Assets Manager is the place you use to upload and manage them, regardless of the assets’ types. To add a new asset to the Assets Manager use the + button in the Assets Manager toolbar, this will show the list of assets types you can upload:

Add New Asset Menu

Depending on the chosen asset type a different popup will be displayed as illustrated below. As a general rule you are allowed to upload a single asset whose file size is less than 50MB regardless of its kind.

NOTE: Even though you are allowed to upload assets whose size is below 50MB always think about the purpose of the asset and put the maximum care to keep the asset size as small as possible, this will use the available resources more efficiently and will also make your experiences faster to download.

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