AR-media Dealer 2.0: a Mixed Reality Platform for the Motor Companies

Man using Epson Moverio Smartglass to diagnose car engine

Many vendors in the Augmented Reality space today provideplatformsthat promise to support technicians with AR enabled procedures for service and maintenance also in theautomotivesector. But few do reallyoffer the technical features that are required to deal with the complexities of the real world.

The majority of the platforms useplanar imagesto trigger the AR contents. On the other hand, one of the key requirements of any enterprise class AR maintenance solution is the capability to deal withreal systemsand parts. Indeed, not always engines or mechanical parts can be identified or tracked by means of 2D images. Thanks to AR-media powerful tracking methods, theAR-media Dealer 2.0solution provides the functionalitiesthat are neededto identify and track3D partswith the required flexibility, while at the same time enabling the access tostep-by-step instructionsand information relevant fordiagnostics.

The solution is the outcome of the joint effort ofInglobe Technologies, a leading Augmented Reality Developer, andLynx International. Theplatformthat enables AR information fordiagnostic and maintenancepurposes is thought forTabletsand Smartglasses(Epson Moverio) and has the flexibility to extend the support to other devices as well. Thanks to a uniqueMixed Realityfeature, the platform can be used in association also with Virtual Reality glasses, like Samsung Gear, in low-cost blendedAR/VR Trainingexperiences.

The videos below show the AR-media Dealer solution in action:

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