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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, today, one of the hottest technology topics across different business communities thanks to the growing public attention towards the technical achievements in the field and the ongoing investments both by Governments and Tech Giants. AI is already dominating the debate around innovation and digital transformation and it is expected to have an even larger impact in many sectors, including industry, finance, healthcare, education and safety.

The way we learn and work will drastically change in the near future, that means we need to rethink our educational system and to prepare for the challenges of the future by planning investments and fostering the research around topics such as Machine Learning, Perceptual Computing, Cognitive Robotics and Language Understanding.

The AI market is worth about 5 billion dollars and it is expected to decuplicate its value within the next 5 years, a truly impressive growth rate!
Some current major uses of artificial intelligence include image recognition, object identification, detection, and classification, as well as automated geophysical feature detection. The largest proportion of revenues come from the AI for the enterprise applications market. (Source: Statista)

Artificial Intelligence market value chart
Artificial Intelligence Market Value (Statista)

Italy is the fifth largest producer of most-cited scientific papers on machine learning after the
United States, China, India and the United Kingdom (Source: OECD)
That means that despite the lack of a central national strategy on AI, like the one the French Government is adopting, Italy is one of the most advanced countries in terms of research and development, counting many researchers and organizations working on AI-related topics.

The Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC-CNR), a leading Italian research center on AI, in collaboration with other organizations such as the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI * IA) and the Italian Association for Machine Learning, has recently designed an educational program called “Advanced School in Artificial Intelligence” (AS-AI) in order to help post-graduates and professionals face the fast-growing demand of the job market for new skills and competencies related to advanced fields of Artificial Intelligence.

Inglobe Technologies is proud to support this initiative by sponsoring the School and by offering the course of “Visual Perception and Spatial Computing” which will be taught by its Chief Research Officer, Luigi Freda.
This course will provide an introduction to visual SLAM and real-time techniques, focusing on how to:robustly localize a camera system with respect to the environmentcompute a dense 3D reconstruction of the surrounding scenesegment the obtained 3D model by using both geometry and semanticsuse deep learning for empowering advanced scene understanding and improve SLAM performances

The course will present emerging spatial AI techniques which have many potential applications, including mixed-reality, virtual reality, and cognitive robotics.

During and after the courses, participants who will enroll in the Advanced School in AI will be involved in an internship program with the partners of the program, organizations and companies, including Inglobe Technologies.

AS-AI is a great opportunity for the participants to start building a valuable professional network while at the same time empowering their professional AI skills and competences. To enroll in the program, please consult the Enrollment procedure and the requirements applicants must have in order to join the Advanced School in AI ?

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