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The AR-media platform is a general purpose Augmented & Virtual Reality authoring platform, as such it is made of different components: 

  • AR-media Studio: The web authoring tool used to create, manage and distribute your projects
  • AR-media Plugins: The interface with 3rd party’s digital content creation software
  • AR-media Players: The mobile players for iOS and Android devices used to display projects¬†

The typical workflow for creating an Augmented or Virtual Reality experience is as follows: 

  1. Create the content: (3D models, images, videos, …) using your preferred content creation software
  2. Import the content: either manually into the AR-media Studio web application, or automatically using any of the available AR-media Plugins
  3. Distribute the content: use the AR-media Studio web application to publish a project or make it available privately to selected users that can view it using the AR-media Player mobile app

In the following sections you will be introduced to the main concepts and features of the AR-media Platform to get started with the authoring of Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences.

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