What is the difference between private and public projects?

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Using AR-media Studio you can create your projects and publish them in order to be able to view them on the AR-media Player.

When you are publishing a project, you can decide if you want to share it with just a few people or if you want to make it available to the entire AR-media community.

Private projects can be accessed only via the project’s QR code. Only the people with access to that specific QR code can download and view the project on the AR-media Player. If you are working on a personal project, or if your project contains sensitive data, private projects are the way to go.

Public projects can be accessed by whoever uses the AR-media Player. Any user can browse the app categories, find a project and download it. It is especially useful if you want to share your creations with the community and make a project largely available. Public projects are eligible to be picked by our staff for the sticky “Featured Projects” category on the mobile app.

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