AbCube, a new generation Facility Management platform

Worker using tablet with Augmented Reality in a site

In the last few months we have been busy developing, together with our partner RealPlan, a web platform for Facility Management, with the goal to release a product that innovates how building related processes are managed. Anŕbasi is the startup born thanks to this partnership.

The result of this collaboration is AbCube, a new generation web platform for Building & Facility Management, designed to make processes faster and more effective and to improve collaboration between the various actors involved.

The Facility Management Web Platform

The AbCube platform integrates with the main CAD and BIM software, in order to easily and automatically import building data, making the process of data entry immediate. The software structure is modular, allows for a high degree of customization and includes new features in the Facility Management scenario, such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applied to the design, visualization and maintenance processes.

Among the distinctive feature of the software there are:

  • AutoCAD® Plugin
    The plugin takes advantage of the latest Autodesk APIs, integrating the web elements of the platform directly within the Autocad interface, ensuring compatibility also with future versions of the software
  • Material Design
    The platform’s U.I. is made using Material Design, a design developed by Google and used for the user interfaces of Google products, including Android
  • Polymorphic Database
    The polymorphic structure provides a high adaptability of data to different kind of projects and buildings
  • DWJ Proprietary File Format
    Development and use of a custom semantic structure for data communication between AutoCAD and the Facility Management software
  • DXF Visualization
    Development of a parser to enable the rendering of the AutoCAD floor plan on an interactive Web viewer within the Platform

Why AR and VR are great for Building Management

Since Building Information Modeling (BIM) practices are now widespread, it is much easier for companies operating in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector to approach technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

tablet augmented reality instructions for maintenance

AEC and Facility Management companies can rely on immersive technologies in order to improve the following processes:

  • Design and Visualization
    Augmented Reality visualization of a building when the design process is still ongoing provides a tool to take action early on potential design flaws. Moreover it enables a collaborative process around the 3D model
  • Construction Site Management
    The ability to view the progress of the works in real time with respect to the schedule allows for an immediate evaluation of the project
  • Maintenance
    Inspection points identification can become extremely easy thanks to Augmented Reality tools that can literally let technicians see through walls
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