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In order to install the AR-media Plugin for 3ds Max you need to download it from the Autodesk App Store.

The plugin installs itself as a script utility, meaning that it will be available through the 3ds Max’s Utility panel. To start the plugin:

  1. Open the Utility panel
  2. Click the MaxScript button
  3. Click the AR-media Plugin entry in the dropdown list

The plugin’s interface will be displayed as a rollout and related toolbar.

AR-media Plugin for 3ds Max


When you install the plugin, you will see the AR-media Plugin’s toolbar which is the your quick access point to the main functionalities:

AR-media Plugin’s Toolbar

Using the toolbar you can:

  • Export the whole scene
  • Export selected models only
  • Go to your AR-media Studio account

You usually have to go to your AR-media Studio account to:

  • Retrieve your personal token
  • Verify, manage and try the exported models

Before any export you should set at least a model name (the model will appear in the AR-media Studio Asset Manager with the chosen model name) and your personal token.

NOTE: Model names have not to be unique even though you’d better choose unique names to distinguish them later on.

You set the model name and personal token using the plugin’s rollout:

AR-media Rollout

When you set a token you can check the “Remember me” option to make the token available among different sessions. Un-check it if you are working on a shared computer and do not want to allow other users to upload models to your account thus consuming your personal storage and limits.

To export the whole scene click the All button, whereas if you want to export only the current selection then click the Selected button.

By clicking the Account button you will be able to login into your account to retrieve the personal token or to verify, manage and test exported models.

The Toolbar button will show the plugin’s toolbar in case it has been closed by the user.

When exporting models from 3ds Max you can choose to include animations and eventually bake animations if you are experiencing problems with the default export method. To this regard you can rely on the Export Animations and Bake Animations checkboxes respectively.

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