Inglobe Technologies | MSC to launch the First Immersive Catalogue for Cruises
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MSC to launch the First Immersive Catalogue for Cruises

MSC 360VR is not just another catalogue“. This is the slogan of the press conference organized by MSC Cruisesheld today at Bou-Tek, the new digital showroom located in Via Maurizio Gonzaga 7, in the heart of Milan, an ideal location for events and immersive experiences. Protagonist of the event was the launch of the first Immersive Catalogue for Cruises, a project entirely developed by Axed Group for MSC Cruises.


The Catalogue has been realized thanks to all the companies operating within Axed Group: Onemore Picturesand D2B have been responsible for the realization of the commercials and of the 360° contents, Axed Technologyand Inglobe Technologies have been in charge of both the Cardboard technology and the mobile interfaces as well as of the IT infrastructure required to streamline the content and the delivery of 100,000 Cardboards.

Such an ambitious project has been implemented in very short time. For the first time in the history of this industry, the MSC Cruises 2017/2018 immersive catalogue allows users to experience a 3D journey in a 360-degree view, long before getting on board. Thanks to this fact users can immersively explore the vessels (including new flagships MSC Meraviglia and MSC Seaside), their interiors (cabins, theater, swimming pools, gym and the exclusive Yacht Club) and all destinations by simply using their smartphone or through the use of Cardboard. The latter will be distributed in about 9,000 travel agencies in the new immersive catalogue, starting from Italy. To start the immersive experience users can either frame the QR code printed on MSC Cruises catalogues is or  use thevisual interface of the App to explore this innovative immersive world.

MSC to launch the First Immersive Catalogue for Cruises 2016-03-08T16:38:16+00:00 inglobe