Inglobe Technologies | Inglobe joins ABB at MECSPE 2019 to showcase the Smart Factory
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Inglobe joins ABB at MECSPE 2019 to showcase the Smart Factory

From 28 to 30 March 2019 Inglobe Technologies will take part in MECSPE, the reference fair for the manufacturing industry to be held in Parma. Together with ABB Inglobe will demonstrate its solutions in the Innovation Tunnel as part of the Lighthouse Plant project.

This is an initiative that aims at showcasing the excellence of innovation in Industry 4.0 and that includes, in addition to ABB, Ansaldo Energia, Hitachi Rail and Tenova / Ori Martin. Each of these companies will exhibit the most recent innovations implemented in some of their plants in Italy, the so-called Lighthouse Plants.

In this context, Inglobe will support ABB as a provider of one of the solutions adopted by the Swiss-Swedish multinational, in particular HyperIndustry, a web-based and mobile platform that allows to digitize technical equipment and to build in a simple and intuitive manner step-by-step technical instructions with the visual aid of Augmented Reality.

MECSPE 2019 in Parma will therefore be an excellent opportunity to come and discover how immersive technologies, AR, VR and MR, can support companies in the digitalization of processes, providing added value that translates into greater efficiency and lower operational costs. Inglobe and ABB will allow visitors to have a hands-on experience and to participate in live Augmented Reality demonstrations using mobile and wearable devices.

Inglobe joins ABB at MECSPE 2019 to showcase the Smart Factory 2019-03-19T20:01:41+00:00 Mirko Ferrari