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ARToolKit for Desktop


ARToolKit for Desktop is a computer vision library that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Irix operating systems. It has a simple C-based interface that allows developers to start building their own applications in minutes. ARToolKit for Desktop includes both marker-based and Natural Feature Tracking libraries

ARToolKit for Desktop has the following features:

  • Tracking of fiducial markers in video streams
  • Patented high-speed tracking of natural features of textured planar surfaces such as printed material
  • Support for simultaneous loading of multiple texture targets
  • Advanced 2D-barcode support for high-speed multi-marker tracking
  • Specialized pose-estimation techniques plus multi-marker tracking
  • Robust multi-resolution tracking allows the user to view augmented materials at a variety of scales
  • Utility suite for training the system to images of the tracked surfaces
  • Compositing of computer-generated content to produce video-overlay or see-through AR objects
  • Rendering of high-level graphical content and animations in a wide variety of formats via OpenSceneGraph and VRML
  • Video stream acquisition from a large variety of cameras and video sources
  • Support for a variety of lens models and optical calibration techniques
  • Multiple video streams can be captured simultaneously and dynamically switched

The free, GPL version of ARToolKit can be downloaded from:


For information about ordering SLARToolKit, please contact us at: