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Beta testing

Help us improve our products by applying for the beta-testing programs which are currently available. In this way, you will not only allow us to develop better software, but you will also access our latest products, experimenting all the new major features introduced, before any other.

What is a beta version

A beta version of our product is none other than a version which includes all of the main features of the final product. It is mainly addressed to a chosen group of users and it is used to detect potential problems which may remain latent during the internal testing process.

In fact, before releasing a beta version, the product is ALWAYS accurately tested by our developing team, in order to remove most of the defects. Only when the internal testing phase is finished, the beta-testing process will be started.

Beta testers' duties

If you want to become a beta tester, you must implicitly accept that you will perform the following operations:
  • Install and use the product for an extended period of time. It is also preferred, if possible, to insert it in your production process.
  • Provide precise and detailed reports on any defect and/or malfunctioning of the product
  • Report compatibility issues with any hardware/software used
  • Suggest new ideas and features that you would like to have in a future release of the product

Please remember that, with no doubts, your work will lead to a better final product and, consequently, to a better end-user experience.
Every report will be accurately analyzed by our developers which may contact you for more questions/information.

Entering the beta tests

Clicking on the following link will redirect you to the Beta testing application form. Please note that the application form will not be available if there are no products in beta-testing phase.
Submit the application form

If you have any questions or issues and you want to receive more information, please contact us at: