Inglobe Technologies | ARmedia Summer Workshop: September 16th-18th Fossanova, Italy
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ARmedia Summer Workshop: September 16th-18th Fossanova, Italy

Inglobe Technologies announced today the 1st ARmedia Augmented Reality Summer Workshop to be held in Fossanova, Italy, on 16th-18th September 2015.

Taking place in the suggestive medieval village of Fossanova, the ARmedia Summer Workshop will bring together a selected number of augmented reality enthusiasts, professionals and developers in the heart of Italy to learn how to benefit from the latest Augmented Reality technologies.

The Workshop is addressed to ProfessionalsDevelopers and Companies who are interested in learning how they can improve their business using the latest Augmented Reality and Perceptual Computing technologies. The goal of the workshop is to provide participants with the skills that are required to easily create AR contents and to develop any arbitrarily complex application that combines the different tracking and navigation techniques supported by the ARmedia 3D SDKHyperspaces Platform or by ARplugins. The workshop will provide a step-by-step support in creating a variety of Augmented Reality experiences in the context of the beautiful medieval village of Fossanova.

3 Key-notes delivered by some of the most influential thought leaders in the AR community, parallel sessions on ARmedia SDKHyperspaces and ARplugins, Smart Glass sessions, iOS/Android integration, development of a demo project and the 1st ARmedia award, all in the context of a unique format that supports participants in a learning path at the edge of Nature, Culture and Technology. The Workshop offers a rich program for the implementation of an intensive production plan.

Available Tickets include a “Workshop Only Pass” and a All inclusive “Full Ticket” with Hotel, visit to nearby attractions and extras included. A 20% discount coupon off the full price of the ARmedia products is offered to the participants.

More information on the Workshop website:

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