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Shaping the AR World with Hyperspaces Mixed Reality Platform

We are happy to announce the release of the new Hyperspaces platform.

Hyperspaces is Inglobe’s new platform that allows users to create, publish and access first of a kind Augmented and Mixed Reality Experiences by means of a unique cloud-based and mobile toolset. The toolset integrates a variety of recognition and tracking methods including image-based trackinggeo-locationBeacons and 3D object tracking. One of the most important features of the platform is the capability of nesting and linking even the most complex experiences.

With the Hyperspaces platform, users will be able to create experiences that link the digital and physical world in ways never seen before. Hyperspaces enables a new generation of experiences that really redefine the boundary of indoor and outdoor augmented reality in domains like educationarchitectural visualization,communicationcultural heritage and industrial maintenance, just to mention some.

“We have designed Hyperspaces with a variety of use cases in mind taking into account the great feedback coming from our huge ARmedia user base. Leveraging on the proven power of our AR content management system, we have built a platform that provides users with limitless creative possibilities” declared Graziano Terenzi, CEO at Inglobe Technologies. “Hyperspaces is based on a totally new idea in the mobile ecosystem as it demonstrates how AR fits into different mobile interaction scenarios and at the same time gives a new shape to the AR World.”

Check the Hyperspaces Teaser below

The new Hyperspaces platform allows users from different segments to create useful AR experiences -not just intended for visualization- easily, flexibly and with high added value, without the need of writing a single line of code:

–          Architecture, Engineering and Construction: Hyperspaces provides a unique toolset that supports professionals across the whole project life cycle with users reporting higher levels of engagement with respect to current alternatives

–          Education: Hyperspaces can improve the learning performance of students and keep learner’s attention focused on the learning task by taking advantage of the mobile technologies

–          Marketing and Printing: with Hyperspaces marketing campaigns and media contents can demonstrate higher engagement levels and ROI with respect to traditional media

–          Industrial Maintenance: with Hyperspaces, maintenance and repair professionals can start experiment with the some of the building blocks of Inglobe’s Smart Maintenance solution thus aiming at tangible qualitative and quantitative improvements

–          Cultural Heritage: Hyperspaces is a unique tool to create engaging Cultural Heritage experiences, reconstruct and narrate the past, the present and the future both in the field and in Museums.

The platform does not only allow users to rely on existing assets coming from different 3D content creation software (like Autodesk 3ds MaxMayaMaxon Cinema 4DTrimble SketchUp or Nemetschek Vectorworks), it also allows to add other assets to their AR experiences including documents, videos, audio, images and text. Additionally, thanks to one of the most powerful 3D object recognition and tracking technology in the market, the Hyperspaces platforms provides a distinctive and powerful tool to help users create compelling AR experiences by means of the interaction of 3D objects and digital information.

Users can register for the Hyperspaces platform on the Hyperspaces website starting from now

Other relevant videos are available on Inglobe’s YouTube channel

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