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Inglobe at AWE 2015: Superpowers to the people


“Superpowers to the people” is the theme of 6th Augmented World Expo to be held in Silicon Valley, 8-10 June 2015.

Augmented World Expo™ (AWE) is the world’s largest conference and expo for professionals focused on making the world more interactive – featuring technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Wearable Computing, Smart Glasses, Gesture and Sensors devices, and The Internet of Things.

To get a sense of the richness and depth of content, take a look at the AWE 2015 Schedule – it will be THE must-attend AR event of the year: Hackathon, Tutorial day, 2 days conference with different tracks, exhibits and keynotes delivered by some of the most influential thinkers in the AR/VR community.

Inglobe Technologies will take part to the event by presenting our award winning AR Flight Guidance solution in the “Automotive and Aerospace” Track on Tuesday 9 June. The full Track schedule includes:

– Cuong Tran, Scientist, Honda Research Institute

– Alessandro Terenzi, CTO, Inglobe Technologies

– Artur Grzybowski, Design engineer, Jaguar Landrover

– Krilla Stefan, Head of Int. Sales Literature & Product Placement, Volkswagen

Go and meet us in Santa Clara!

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