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What We Do

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) allow both people and companies to share information in an ever more integrated, simple and fast way. The employment of such a bundle of technologies has proved to be profitable with respect to many domains of activity.

Specifically, Emerging Technologies enable companies to reach their business goals in a simpler, cost effective and efficacious way. Besides money saving, ICT and Emerging Technologies increase the value of former products and give us the opportunity to build completely novel products and services endowed with a much higher value.

Inglobe's activity therefore spans with competence, creativity and originality in every area of the Network Economy, of ICT, of the Software Development and IT Consulting, of Media and Communication. Our solutions include Software Development, design and implemantation of both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Systems, Web Design and development, content creation (2D/3D, video...) and communication.