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Inglobe's vision is inspired by the idea that global society is in the middle of a process of evolution which will unavoidably take humanity to the definition of ever new and more complex levels of organization as well as of social and economic integration.

Such an ever growing integration, i.e. what we could call in a word "globalization", will transform the future global society in a way that it will resemble to a living organism, which, contrary to what happens today, will not be affected by internal tensions and conflicts. In a very precise sense, Inglobe is commited to a "biomorphic metaphor" of social global evolution. Indeed, this metaphor is so fundamental to our organization as to define our vision and mission, emphasizing on the values of creativity, integration, sharing of ideas and openness.

For these reasons, Inglobe Technologies acknowledges the importance of building future society in an ever integrated and interactive way, together with its future infrastructures and technological networks. The concept of a "network", which is basic in the world of the living, informs our activity as well.

Conscious of the fact that the process of globalization will give humanity big opportunities and challenges, the finality of Inglobe Technologies is to put people and companies into communication and let them interact with the world in such a novel way as to satisfy their deepest needs the better they can.