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AR-media™ Player

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The AR-media™ Player allows users to display augmented reality files created by the AR-media™ Plugin softwares.

The Player is completely free for not commercial uses. All you need to make the Player work is a personal computer, a webcam and a printed code attached to the software. A wide range of Head Mounted Displays, including eMagin, i-glasses™ are also supported.

The Player can be used to visualize any ".armedia" file.


Latest version of the AR-media™ Player comes with a lot of new features that make it suitable for the visualization of high quality Augmented Reality content.

Major features:

  • Linked Markers: it is now possible to display a single model on two or more markers, granting the possibility to display the same object with different viewpoints.
  • Layers' Management: 3D objects can be placed on different layers, which can be displayed independently during the AR visualization.
  • Timed Slideshow: you can organize your 3D contents to act as a set of slides. In fact, each layer can be displayed for a chosen time interval and then replaced with the following layer.
  • Shadows: you can now configure a light source to cast shadows on 3D objects, in order to obtain a more realistic visualization. Moreover, you can interact with this light source in real-time, moving it and modifying the shadows' visualization.
  • Clipping/Sectioning: thanks to the Clipping planes' management features, it is possible to create sections of 3D objects in real-time.
  • Improved support for animations: skinning and Morphing's support has been improved, along with inverse kinematics techniques which can be correctly displayed.

For a summary review of the main features, see the Product Sheet.
  AR-media™ Player (Standard Edition) AR-media™ Player (Professional Edition) AR-media™ Player (Web Edition)
Markers Library (number of markers) N.A. N.A. N.A.
Multiple markers
Linked markers*
Video/Audio Objects
"Occluders" Objects
Light debug Mode N.A.
Layers' Management* N.A.
Timed Slideshow Mode* N.A.
Shadows* N.A.
Clipping/Sectioning* N.A.
Antialiasing N.A.
Real-time Rendering
Real-time Animations
HD Support N.A.
Watermark - Customizable Customizable
Tracking Technology Marker Tracking Marker and Natural Features Tracking Marker and Natural Features Tracking
Head Mounted Displays Support N.A.

*: v2.2 feature


The AR-media™ Player is available for free but it cannot be used for commercial purposes or included in any product intended for sale. It can be freely distributed according to the standard license. For details refer to the license file accompanying the software. For any other information, please contact us.

For any question feel free to contact our licensing service:


For any enquiries feel free to contact our team by email: or to use our support forum:


  • Note that it is possible to request to our support team a customized version of ARPlayer. You can for example request to insert a logo which will be visible as a watermark on the screen during AR visualization.