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Development Tools


Inglobe Technologies offers a wide range of development tools especially targeted to developers. In association with ARToolWorks and HITlabNZ, we provide developers with licenses and support for the ARToolKit product family. ARToolKit is the world’s most popular library for AR application development. With an active community with many thousands of users, and ongoing development incorporating the latest results of AR research, ARToolKit is the smart developers' choice.


Most of the ARtoolkit family software is available under two license models:

  1. Free GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  2. Paid Commercial License
The open source GPL license versions of our software are available for free. However the GPL license requires that developers provide the complete source of their applications for free to anyone who asks for it. This allows users of the tool kits with limited feature or support needs, and developers of GPLv2-licensed software, to become familiar with AR software development.

The commercial license is for developers who do not want to release the source code of the applications they develop. Some of the commercial versions of our software also have additional features and performance enhancements over the GPL versions of the software.


For information about ordering our Development Tools, please contact us at: